Employee Co-Determination in Germany

Executive staff in Germany are expected to know the basic principles of Employee Co-Determination law. The Seminar will first give you a broad overview of the function and organisation of Trade Unions in Germany and of corporate Co-Determination and Works Council Co-Determination. A focal point will be the provisions governing Works Council Co-Determination. The presentation will be compact, concentrating on the essential outlines of the topic, and will help you avoid the mistakes that result in avoidable proceedings before Labour Courts and conciliation bodies, and in the worst-case scenario in regulatory and criminal offences.


  • Tariff Autonomy in Germany
  • The role and function of Trade Unions and Employers' Associations
  • Corporate Co-Determination: Employees on Supervisory Boards
  • Rights and duties of the Works Council
  • How to deal with the Works Council and its members – what needs to be watched?
  • A proper and dispassionate approach to solving conflicts with the Works Council

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