M&A: The “Helicopter” Seminar

M&A is a multi-faceted and interdisciplinary phenomenon: Strategic, Financial, Legal, Accounting, Tax, Management & HR questions arise and a diversity of decision-makers and experts must be brought together.

In this “Helicopter” Seminar, you will get an overview of the “big points” of the whole M&A array. We will cover all mentioned disciplines and we will walk through all relevant stages by way of a step plan: from the CEO’s handshake to the full implementation of the corporation’s new target structure. You will learn about the complex mechanics of an M&A Deal, but you will also familiarize with the multitude of details (e.g. diverse Due Diligences) which have to be executed with a clockwork’s precision. For a full “big picture”, we will ultimately introduce you to the key players in the M&A market and explain the major duties of Executives in an M&A process.


  • Basic Steps in an M&A Deal: From CEO’s handshake to full implementation
    • The M&A Time Table - crucial Milestones
    • The SPA
    • Due Diligence
    • Structuring the Deal
  • Issues & Disciplines 
    •  Strategy: Why making an M&A Deal?
    • Finance & Valuation: What is a fair Price for a Target company? And how to pay?
    • Legal: The Legal Mechanics of an Asset Deal & a Share Deal
    • Accounting: Treatment of Goodwill & Purchase Price Allocation
    • Taxation: Optimizing the Tax Burden
    • Anti-Trust: The sword of Damocles 
    • Management & HR: Restructuring the Corporate Organization
  • Key Players in the M&A market - what they contribute to the Deal and how to steer them
    • Lawyers
    • Accountants
    • Tax Experts
    • Investment Bankers
    • Private Equity Firms
    • Consultants for Strategy & Implementation
  • Executive Duties in an M&A process
    • Duties of Care & Business Judgement Rule in an M&A Deal
    • How to avoid common Pitfalls

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