Compensation & Benefits: Taxation and Social Security in Corporate Practice

Taxation and Social Security of Compensation & Benefits is a much more complex issue than many believe!

In this Seminar, you will learn both: to understand the underlying legal principles and, second, to calculate and report the relevant deductions and contributions in day-to-day practice. You will get to know the diverse salary components and how these are classified in the tax and social security system. You will become familiar with the details of company car taxation, travel expenses and tax-exempt salary components. As a matter of course, we will demonstrate the applicable tax rates and contribution rates as well as the relevant assessment ceilings. Based on this, you will discover in our Case Study the options of tax class choices and their immediate cash effects.

At any time, you will learn to perform your job in compliance with all relevant legal rules and standards. In addition to this, we will provide you with hands-on and practical advice how to efficiently manage a Wage tax and Social Security Audit.

But you will also discover a more proactive side of your role, learning to effectively plan the personnel costs of your firm and to competently manage your HR figures – making you a valued partner for your contacts in the Finance, Accounting and Tax departments.


  • Compensation & Benefits: Employers' Duties
  • Self-employed or employed? – Sometimes a tricky question!
  • “Wages” versus “Operational Benefits” – Where is the divide?
  • Tax-exempt salary components
  • Current compensation, benefits and other payments
  • Special payments, Bonuses and Deferred income
  • Company Car taxation
  • Traveling Expenses
  • Tax Classes
  • CEO/Executive compensation
  • Net wage agreements
  • Tax rates, Social Security rates and Assessment Ceilings
  • Mandatory membership versus Opt-in/opt-out alternatives in Social Security
  • Case Study: Calculation of the Wage tax & Social Security contributions of Mr. Hans and Mrs Melanie Muster
  • Remaining “Mini” items: the Minimum wage; Employment of “Mini Jobbers”
  • “Under Fire”: Strategies to manage your next Wage tax Audit and Social Security Audit
  • Personnel Cost Planning & Budgeting
  • Effective Interaction with your Finance, Accounting and Tax counterparts

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