Expatriate Tax Class: Your Tax Duties in Germany

In our Expatriates’ Tax Class, you will get an overview about the tax obligations in Germany and a better understanding of the German tax system. In particular expatriates relocating to Germany during the year – or leaving Germany during the year – often are not aware that they are obliged to file a tax return in Germany.

Learn also in this Evening Class about the tax procedure in Germany and how your income from abroad impacts your German tax rate. Furthermore you will be introduced in the different types of expenses which can minimize your tax burden.


  • Tax liability in Germany: “unlimited” versus “limited” tax liability
  • Tax procedure in Germany: What’s the filing deadline? Which documents are needed? Jointly or separate income tax return? What’s the difference between the tax classes?
  • Types of income: Which income is taxable in Germany?
  • Expenses: Overview of deductible types of expenses

Also interesting: Optimizing your tax burden in a cross-border context

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