Expatriate Tax Seminar: Optimizing your Tax burden in a Cross-Border context

This Seminar gives you a deep insight in the German tax system and the tax obligations in Germany. The intention of this Seminar is not only to discuss the tax obligations but also to optimize your tax burden. We will handle diverse topics for a comprehensive overview of the German tax system.

As introduction we will start with a general overview about the tax liability in Germany. We will discuss the different tax classes, the documents which are needed for filing a tax return and the question “When can I benefit from filing a tax return?”.

After that short introduction we will talk on different expenses and its consequences on your tax burden. You will get a deeper insight into the different types of taxable income in Germany: the taxation of German and foreign rental income, the taxation of investment income and the taxation of pensions. In a next step we will clarify the aspect of gift and inheritance taxation. In a case study you will learn how to optimize the tax burden.

Finally we will speak about the taxation of severance payments and what has to be considered when you plan to leave Germany in the future.

General information on tax liability in Germany

  • Difference between unlimited and limited tax liability in Germany
  • General Tax procedure e.g. filing deadline, jointly or separate tax return, tax class etc.
  • Benefiting from filing a tax return


  • Types of expenses
  • Job-related expenses
  • Double household related expenses
  • Special expenses
  • Extraordinary expenses
  • Household-related employments and services

Taxable income in Germany

  • Overview: Types of income

Taxation of German and foreign rental income

  • Owner-occupied property
  • Rented property
  • Holiday flats
  • Sale of the property
  • Moving abroad

Taxation of investment income

  • Taxation of interests, capital gains and dividends
  • Savers` exemption

Taxation of pensions

  • Taxation of German and foreign pensions

Gift and inheritance taxation

Taxation of severance payments

Leaving Germany

  • Reclaim of paid pension contributions for non-EU citizen

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