Leading in Germany – from Strategy Development to Project Management and Execution

As a manager you are facing the challenge to deliver results. You (now) have to do so in Germany with a team composed of Germans. – Starting point of our Seminar will be analyzing “facts and fiction” of German stereotypes and if there is a “typical German Way” of Doing Business. Based on this, we will develop a practical and helpful roadmap for you how to best deal with the local culture in the business setting. We will do so in a very hands-on way, embedding cultural soft-skill training into very practical and rigorous Day-to-Day business scenarios (Strategy Development, Project Management and Execution).


  • The German mindset – we will discuss some typical characteristics in comparison with other cultures, the “how to succeed with Germans” and the expectations your team, colleagues and superiors might implicitly have towards you.
  • Strategy Development – for every executive (no matter which type of business you are in or which current role you are playing) it is a key necessity to assess your business’ and team’s position, its strategic direction and all relevant opportunities and threats. Besides a theoretical framework, which is helpful in any kind of role, we will discuss complementary case studies of different industries and management roles.
  • Project Management – intercultural differences become quite obvious in project management roles. Learn to understand the culturally-driven expectations of your team! And learn to prevent disappointments and to make the maximum out of a task, optimizing processes and results in a multi-cultural setting.
  • Execution – after all hard work done before, only an effective execution leads to success. Make sure you are aligned with your team and prevent intercultural differences or formal/legal requirements stop on your way to success.

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