New on Board: Basics for your role as Vorstand or Aufsichtsrat

You are “new on Board” in the Vorstand or Aufsichtsrat of a German Aktiengesellschaft or Societas Europae. Learn about the tricky details of how your organization works: its Corporate Governance, including its interaction with third parties, its diverse Legal and Regulatory parameters and its Reporting structures, including (but not limited to) the focal point of Financial Reporting and what sorts of Audits may be relevant in which situation. Furthermore, you are interested in an overview of your personal Duties in your role: What are the “musts” to efficiently do your job in a diversity of business scenarios (making Business decisions, Competition issues, Capital Markets Communication, M&A/Corporate Finance Transactions, Crisis Management) and what are the pitfalls to avoid? Ultimately, learn about how to protect yourself by way of a D&O insurance policy: What can be covered, what not? – At any time of our Seminar, we will help you finding your way through the jungle of German Corporate Law, providing you with the knowledge to always act in compliance with the German rules. Also hear about the Criminal Sanctions of the German jurisdiction and learn how to keep these unpleasant claws far away from you.


  • Corporate Governance & Business Organization of the Aktiengesellschaft (AG) and Societas Europae (SE): Legal Structures, Principles & Mechanics; Bodies & Committees; Reporting Lines; Regulatory Settings; Top Management Compliance; characteristics of AG and SE as opposed to the GmbH and other legal forms
  • Reporting & Audits (both: Financial and other): the role and duties of CEO, CFO and other members of the Vorstand; the role and duties of the members of the Aufsichtsrat and its Chairman; your firm’s Accountant: servant & investigator; peculiarities of publicly-quoted corporations (kapitalmarkt-orientierte Unternehmen); effective supervision & Special Audits (Sonderprüfungen)
  • Major Duties of the members of the Vorstand and the members of the Aufsichtsrat – be compliant in the following Scenarios: making Business decisions (“Business Judgement Rule”), Competition and Non-Competition, Capital Markets Communication, M&A Transactions, Recapitalizations & other Corporate Finance Transactions, Crisis Management
  • D&O Insurance: What can be covered? What not?

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