Banking Business in Germany


Banking Business in Germany - Market Landscape, Business Organization & Regulatory Basics

This Seminar will provide you with the basics of Banking business in Germany: after an introduction to the peculiarities of the German Banking sector with its diverse players, the very big points of banking organization will be our focus, including legal variations in the set-up of a bank, strategic and operational issues (e.g. outsourcing) and bank accounting under German GAAP. The regulatory part of this seminar will cover an introduction to prudential supervision in Germany, Risk Management, Capital Markets regulation and anti-money laundering. Ultimately, you will learn about which conditions to meet before being eligible to become a board member of your bank and furthermore which statutory rules govern a bank’s compensation practice.  


·       The Banking market in Germany: industry players (including all sectors of Banking), regulatory bodies (BaFin, ECB, Bundesbank) & economic landscape 

·       Banking Organization: legal structures of banking set-up, obtaining a banking license, capital requirements, operating a bank, outsourcing of corporate functions 

·       Bank Accounting: a brief introduction how to understand P&L and balance sheet according to local German GAAP (as opposed to IFRS) 

·       Banking Regulation: prudential supervision, Risk Management, Capital Markets regulation, Anti-Money Laundering

     Bank Management & Compensation: prerequisites to becoming a board member; regulatory framework of compensation (“Institutsvergütungsverordnung”)



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