The Economic & Financial System

In this Seminar, you will get an insight into the German concept of the Social Market Economy as developed by German Economic thinkers and as lived in Germany’s Economic policy today. You will learn about the constitutional basics of the German and EU system, the major Economic Institutions in Germany as well as their relationship with European and International players, in particular the EU institutions. Ultimately, we will discuss recent issues of Economic Regulation, highlighting the political influence in the Financial Market, the Employment Market and Regulation by way of Fiscal Policy and Tax Law. 


·      The Social Market Economy (“Soziale Marktwirtschaft”): German Economic History and German Thinkers in Economics 

·      Economic & Financial Institutions in Germany: Constitutional and Legal basics, Government & Parliament, European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, Institutions for Economic Research 

·      The European & International Dimension: Constitutional and Legal basics, European Institutions (European Commission, Council, Parliament, Court) and how they influence the Economic and Financial playing field, Interaction between national and supranational Level, Perspectives of European Economics, Germany in the Global Economy  

·      Aspects of Regulation: Regulation of the Financial Market, Regulation of the Employment Market, Regulation by way of Fiscal Policy and Tax Law 



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