Welcome to Germany!

Welcome to GBS, GERMAN BUSINESS SEMINARS, Institute for Training & Coaching!

YOU are a Manager, Director, Expert or Investor from abroad. Germany is your new sphere of activity or temporary base camp. You are facing the challenge to cope with Germany’s business conditions. And you need to know more about Germany’s legal, regulatory, tax and economic setting in order to take the right decisions and to effectively fulfill your role.

WE – GBS, GERMAN BUSINESS SEMINARS, Institute for Training & Coaching – are an Organization specialized in helping Executives “onboarding” in Germany. For your new job, we will provide you with Training and Coaching about the rules, regulations and market conditions that apply to Business in Germany and with the peculiarities which make Management here different from your home country.


...offer an introduction to the fields of

  • Business Law & Corporate Governance
  • Accounting Principles (German GAAP)
  • Taxation
  • M&A
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Private Equity
  • Insolvency & Restructuring 
  • Real Estate 
  • Leadership, Strategy & Culture. 

Besides our publicly offered Seminars, all our propositions can also be booked as an individual Inhouse Training or as a Personal Coaching specifically geared to your specific needs and interests. Our Speakers all combine a profound academic grounding with a long and diverse experience in business. It is our approach to deliberately balance Principles and Practice, offering you an understanding of the “Big Picture” as well as giving you helpful and practical “Day-to-Day” advice. Our Seminars are fully held in English, but you will familiarize quickly with the subject-specific technical German terms and notions.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Complex Issues - highly concentrated, easy to understand!